Arcitecta Mediaflux Pocket protects enterprise data

Arcitecta announced Mediaflux Pocket, a multifactor authentication and authorization (MFA&A) application that helps businesses meet data security compliance standards, while significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Arcitecta Mediaflux Pocket

The new mobile app represents a milestone in Arcitecta’s mission of building an ecosystem that integrates all aspects of data management into a unified platform.

In today’s digital age, data security is of utmost importance. Data repositories and file systems contain large amounts of sensitive information that organizations must protect from unauthorized access, alteration or deletion. It is increasingly vital to thwart external actors or malicious insiders who seek to gain an advantage from the troves of intellectual property and sensitive data amassed by corporations and institutions.

In addition, individuals within an organization may unwittingly click on phishing emails, carelessly handle data or not follow security protocols. Others may unknowingly pose a risk when external actors compromise their credentials. The consequences of a successful external or internal threat include data breaches, fraud, theft of trade secrets or intellectual property, system disruption, ransomware and sabotage of security measures.

Putting data behind a virtual private network (VPN) is no longer a viable option for ensuring security, even when multifactor authentication is enforced. If one individual in the network is compromised, up to tens of thousands of other individuals can be compromised, resulting in petabytes of data lost and wreaking havoc on the company.

Multifactor authentication is not enough: Authorization is key to data security

Authorization at the core of the system, in combination with multifactor authentication, is vital to protecting data and preventing security breaches.

Mediaflux Pocket confirms individual identity during the authentication process (when users seek initial access) and verifies authorization when a user attempts to perform sensitive data operations. This added security layer protects against unauthorized data access, modification and deletion. Mediaflux Pocket also provides enhanced accountability through audit trails.

In combination, Mediaflux Pocket’s multifactor authentication and authorization checks provide much stronger security, increase control over system access and reduce the risk of data breaches. Mediaflux Pocket ensures compliance with industry regulations and is a cost-effective data security solution.

With Mediaflux Pocket, organizations can protect their sensitive data and ensure the integrity of their file systems using multifactor authentication and authorization. Advantages include:

Protection at every level. MFA&A is built into the core of Mediaflux, allowing Mediaflux Pocket to protect data at all levels and all access protocols, from global file systems to federated storage, offering a level of protection that multifactor authentication (MFA) fails to provide. System-wide MFA&A significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, data modification and deletion. Administrators can set the policy for MFA&A per file, collection or directory, and system-wide to increase security measures where they are most needed.

Adjustable levels of security. Secondary factors can be tailored to suit the level of restriction. For example, passcodes and PINs can be incorporated for users who present low levels of risk or do not have access to highly sensitive data. For users with access to critical data, stricter requirements such as biometrics can be implemented, requiring face scanning or fingerprint reading before allowing user access. Customizable verification processes offer enterprises increased granularity and customizability for their security practices.

Safeguards against phishing or brute force attacks. Even if initial password verification is bypassed by a phishing or brute force attack, Mediaflux Pocket prevents unauthorized access. By requiring the compromised user’s device to gain access, remote attackers are effectively locked out and unable to steal, delete or hold sensitive data for ransom.

Security against internal threats. Mediaflux Pocket empowers system administrators to immediately identify and respond to risky or suspicious actions. When a user initiates an operation such as data deletion or movement, the operation is first verified through MFA&A and then permitted by a system administrator or manager. This approach ensures any critical activities can be verified for intent. Sending push notifications to system administrators or security officers that state who has initiated the operation and the operation parameters also provides a comprehensive audit trail.

Mediaflux Pocket’s MFA&A can benefit a wide range of industries that handle sensitive data, such as research, healthcare, finance, government, legal, education, defense and manufacturing.

“Multifactor authentication with authorization safeguards enterprise data so that users can access data management capabilities wherever they may be and with the assurance that both internal and external actors are prevented from stealing or deleting data they are not authorized to access,” said Jason Lohrey, CEO of Arcitecta. “Mediaflux Pocket is an integral part of Arcitecta’s focus on creating a data management ecosystem that leverages technological innovation to help our customers and partners keep their data safe, accessible and easy to manage.”

Mediaflux Pocket is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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