Securing data at the intersection of the CISO and CDO

Two groups in particular play a key and critical role in ensuring data governance and security: the CISO and the CDO. CISOs are responsible for identifying and managing risks associated with data security, while CDOs are responsible for ensuring data accuracy, quality, and consistency. Together, they can establish a framework for managing data risks and provide a clear understanding of data ownership and accountability – but they must be speaking the same language.

In this Help Net Security video, James Beecham, CEO at ALTR, discusses why it may seem like the CISO and CDO share the same goal of deriving business value from data. They have vastly different approaches, which can result in friction among both parties.

Beecham explains why the collaboration between CISOs and CDOs is essential to ensure that data governance and security practices complement each other and work towards the same goals. He also shares how working together, they can ensure that data is secure, accurate, and reliable while preventing risks associated with data breaches, hacking, or data misuse.

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