Week in review: 15 open-source cybersecurity tools, Patch Tuesday forecast

Week in review

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos:

Wi-Fi 7’s mission-critical role in enterprise, industrial networking
In this Help Net Security interview, Tiago Rodrigues, CEO at Wireless Broadband Alliance, discusses the transformative world of Wi-Fi 7, exploring its features and the impact it promises to have on our digital landscape.

Cybersecurity challenges emerge in the wake of API expansion
In this Help Net Security interview, Vedran Cindric, CEO at Treblle, discusses the exponential growth of AI-related APIs, citing a 96% increase in 2023.

DriveFS Sleuth: Open-source tool for investigating Google Drive File Stream’s disk forensic artifacts
DriveFS Sleuth automates the investigation of Google Drive File Stream disk artifacts. The tool can parse the disk artifacts and build a filesystem tree-like structure enumerating the synchronized files along with their respective properties.

January 2024 Patch Tuesday forecast: A Focus on Printing
This article aims to provide a quick summary of some of the latest trends, announcements, and changes associated with IT patch operations while looking at the upcoming Patch Tuesday and what software updates to expect.

Emerging cybersecurity trends and expectations for 2024
In this Help Net Security video, John Dwyer, Head of Research at IBM X-Force, discusses how 2024 is poised to be an incredibly impactful year for cyber attacks, driven by world events and access to advanced technologies like AI.

15 open-source cybersecurity tools you’ll wish you’d known earlier
In this article, you will find a list of open-source cybersecurity tools that you should definitely check out.

The dynamic relationship between AI and application development
In this Help Net Security video, Greg Ellis, General Manager, Application Security, at Digital.ai, discusses how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way applications are developed and redefining the possibilities within the tech industry.

Key cybersecurity skills gap statistics you should be aware of
In this article, you will find excerpts from the skills gap surveys we covered in 2023. These insights will give your organization valuable data to improve its cybersecurity hiring strategy.

Breaking down the state of authentication
In this Help Net Security video, Bassam Al-Khalidi, co-CEO of Axiad, discusses the results of Axiad’s recent State of Authentication Survey.

29 malware families target 1,800 banking apps worldwide
Mobile banking is outpacing online banking across all age groups due to its convenience and our desire to have those apps at our fingertips, according to Zimperium.

Hackers employ nuanced tactics to evade detection
Threat actors evolved tactics, opting for a more nuanced approach that spread attacks across a broader timeframe to blend in with legitimate traffic and evade detection during peak holiday shopping times, according to Cequence Security.

Consumers prepared to ditch brands after cybersecurity issues
In 2023, businesses have been hit with 800,000 cyberattacks, over 60,000 of which were DDoS attacks and 4,000 falling victim to ransomware, according to Vercara.

Facts and misconceptions about cybersecurity budgets
In this article, you will find excerpts from cybersecurity budget surveys we covered in 2023. These findings will empower your organizations to craft more effective cybersecurity strategies.

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