LassPass is not LastPass: Fraudulent app on Apple App Store

A fraudulent app named “LassPass Password Manager” that mimics the legitimate LastPass mobile app can currently be found on Apple’s App Store, the password manager maker is warning.

LassPass LastPass fraudulent

The fraudulent app on Apple’s App Store

“The app in question is called ‘LassPass Password Manager’ and lists Parvati Patel as the developer. The app attempts to copy our branding and user interface, though close examination of the posted screenshots reveal misspellings and other indicators the app is fraudulent,” says Mike Kosak, Senior Principal Intelligence Analyst at LastPass.

As the company is working to get this application taken down, it’s heartening to see that several users have left reviews warning users about the likely scammy nature of the app:

LassPass LastPass fraudulent

Before downloading mobile apps, users should always check that the stated developer of the app is the right one (in LastPass’ case, it’s LogMeIn) and check user reviews for possible red flags.

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