SiCat: Open-source exploit finder

SiCat is an open-source tool for exploit research designed to source and compile information about exploits from open channels and internal databases. Its primary aim is to assist in cybersecurity, enabling users to search the internet for potential vulnerabilities and corresponding exploits.

SiCat exploit finder

Akas Wisnu Aji, the creator of SiCat, outlined the key features of the tool:

  • Performing exploit searches based on desired inputs and sources such as Exploit-DB, Exploit Alert, Packetstorm Security, NVD Database, and Metasploit modules.
  • SiCat has a code structure that is easy for beginners to understand, making it easily readable, and contributors can easily contribute to it.
  • The tool has a reporting/output system that makes it easy for users to manage potential exploit results, providing them in HTML and JSON formats.
  • SiCat can also be run via the results of an Nmap scan in XML format inputted into SiCat.

“Plans for future versions of SiCat include optimizing processes and adding new features such as performing precise NSE script searches,” Aji said.

SiCat is available for free on GitHub.

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