How to improve response to emerging cybersecurity threats

Cyber resilience is a top priority for global organizations, and understanding threats plays a crucial role in building and maintaining a layered security approach.

This Help Net Security round-up presents excerpts from previously recorded videos featuring security experts discussing various cybersecurity aspects and best practices in different domains.

Complete videos

  • Robin Berthier, CEO at Network Perception, talks about strategy for cyber resilience.
  • Deepak Goel, CTO at D2iQ, talks about best practices for Kubernetes security in the enterprise market.
  • Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, offers valuable insight into what leaders can do to instill stronger cybersecurity practices from the bottom up and prevent breaches.
  • Jeff Reich, Executive Director at the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), talks about best practices to secure digital identities.
  • David Boland, VP of Cloud Strategy at Wasabi Technologies, discusses best practices for implementing a proper backup strategy.
  • Shrav Mehta, CEO at Secureframe, talks about security best practices for GRC teams, highlights areas that security learners should pay close attention to, and discusses how security leaders can automate specific processes.

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