Nokod Security Platform secures low-code/no-code development environments and apps

Nokod Security launched the Nokod Security Platform, enabling organizations to protect against security threats, vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and misconfigurations introduced by LCNC applications and robotic process automations (RPAs).

Most organizations currently lack any formal processes, procedures and tools for monitoring and managing the security risks associated with LCNC apps. By integrating with leading LCNC and RPA development platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps, UiPath, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and more, Nokod enables organizations to detect vulnerabilities as well as compliance issues, and prevent malicious activities before they can impact the business.

Nokod addresses the primary obstacles to securing LCNC apps and RPAs, namely, citizen developers are not security experts, and security teams are too lean to supervise every development process. To overcome this bottleneck, the Nokod Security Platform provides citizen developers clear step-by-step guidance for fixing security issues as well as automated remediation options that can be triggered with the click of a button.

“Our platform enables shift-left security in democratized development environments by enlisting citizen developers to fix problems in their LCNC apps themselves whenever possible while keeping security teams apprised of issues that need their support,” said Yair Finzi, CEO of Nokod Security. “With Nokod, organizations gain the necessary visibility and control to ensure their digital transformation journey is secure and compliant at all times.”

Nokod Security Platform features and benefits

Using compliance, governance, and security engines, The Nokod Security Platform continuously analyzes LCNC apps and automations. It provides the following capabilities to manage risk and governance of LCNC apps and RPAs:

  • Comprehensive inventory management: provides an up-to-date discovery and inventory of all LCNC apps and RPA automations for unparalleled visibility and control.
  • Uniform policy enforcement: enables uniform security policies to be applied across all applications and automations with clear remediation instructions for detected issues.
  • Continuous assessment and improvement: proprietary threat intelligence enables proactive detection and prevention of emerging threats.
  • Customizable and effective security policies: Nokod provides suggested security policies that can be customized to meet specific business needs.
  • Governance and reporting: through easy integration with existing systems, Nokod simplifies reporting to demonstrate controls for security management and compliance.

The Nokod Security Platform is available immediately from Nokod and its business partners worldwide.

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