Code42 partners with Mimecast to protect organizations from data leaks

Code42 announced that it has partnered with Mimecast to release Mimecast for Incydr Flows.

The integrated solution helps to protect organizations from data leaks and theft by giving users visibility into risky user activities across email, web, cloud, and more – while also providing the controls needed to quickly stop and remediate exfiltration events.

“Email is one of the top vectors insiders use to exfiltrate data,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Code42. “This integration with Mimecast allows our joint customers to better manage the risks associated with email exfiltration. It’s another example of how we’re simplifying the job of a security professional, while not disrupting the productivity of the end users that security supports.”

“Our technology partnership with Code42 comes at a critical time amid the ongoing adoption of hybrid work models and AI technologies that have put businesses in a constant state of data loss risk,” said Jules Martin, VP of Technology Alliances at Mimecast. “Through this integration, Code42 and Mimecast help joint customers to quickly detect and respond to threats, while allowing them essential visibility to work protected.”

Leveraging the data loss and threat protection capabilities of the Code42 Incydr solution together with Mimecast’s collaboration security tools, users gain comprehensive visibility across enterprise exfiltration methods.

Mimecast for Incydr Flows enables organizations to use a single source to dynamically monitor and respond to risk-based events across email and cloud and to proactively prevent high-risk users from leaking data via email. When insider-driven events do occur, teams can quickly triage incidents without the need for complex correlation. Joint customers benefit from key features including:

User group detection and management: Using information from Mimecast Profile Groups, security teams can add, remove, and manage users in Incydr Watchlists (e.g. high-risk users, repeat offenders) based on alert types, offering a single source to monitor and respond to risk-based events across email and cloud. Similarly, Incydr Watchlists can be used to modify Mimecast Profile Groups.

Exfiltration detection: Seamlessly manage high-risk users and gain visibility into email, endpoint, and cloud exfiltration events to quickly triage incidents without the need for complex correlation.

Full range response controls: Leveraging the full range of Mimecast and Incydr response controls, security teams can proactively deploy preventative and corrective action against detected activities, including email events relating to high-risk users and adjusting monitoring based on email and untrusted file activities.

Mimecast for Incydr Flows is available now.

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