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ENISA Annual Privacy Forum 2024

The EU legal framework on personal data protection is key in an effort to better control the processing of personal data while ensuring an adequate level of protection. Even the best legislative efforts cannot keep up to speed with the pace of innovative technology and business models that challenge the way personal data is processed and privacy is protected across the EU and beyond; therefore, examining what is at stake and where threats thereto originate … More

FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit Frankfurt 2024

The event brings together senior leaders from financial institutions and regulators from across the EU and DACH regions for 1 full day of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking. Expect powerful insights from high-calibre speakers on the latest topics and trends that are affecting your institution, helping you transform your tech capabilities, reduce the risk of financial crime, and meet your regulatory obligations.

Nordic Cyber Summit 2024

Cyber security has firmly established its position amongst the top concerns of all enterprises in the Nordic Region. And, as cyber attacks grow in sophistication, frequency and intensity, companies must act quicker and smarter than ever to stay safe. Therefore, it is now vital that companies formulate and deploy effective measures to combat such threats. The Nordic Cyber Security Summit not only addresses a wide range of technological issues from the IT Security spectrum but … More

Arizona Technology Summit 2024

This B2B conference is targeted for the Technology and Security community. Attendees consist of IT/IS Executives and Direct reports across all verticals within the state of Arizona interested in networking, researching/learning, career advancement, and purchasing.

Open Source Summit Europe 2024

Open Source Summit is an event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem. It is the gathering place for open-source code and community contributors. This is a conference umbrella, composed of a collection of events covering the most important technologies, topics, and issues affecting open source today.

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference Pasadena 2024

The conference is a gathering of private sector and government attendees dedicated to the digital forensics and computer security industries. The 3-day conference program filled with over 75 sessions, is designed to share insight, experience and knowledge from the industry’s leading subject matter experts and advisors. Led by an unparalleled speaker lineup, the program includes primary session tracks that cover a variety of relevant topics. Speakers share the latest case-studies, techniques and tools via hands-on … More

Cyber Security In Financial Services Summit 2024

The purpose of the Summit is to look at the cyber risks, wherever they originate, which pose a threat to London and the financial services community and will provide a forum for Government bodies, regulators, law enforcers and financial institutions to examine the latest threats and how to combat them. It will also look at the Government’s cyber strategy, the current and future priorities of the National Cyber Security Centre, the NCA’s response to the … More

Portland Leadership Exchange 2024

Sophisticated threat actors, borderless enterprises, media scrutiny and increasing personal liability have indelibly changed cybersecurity and the CISOs role. Expectations for a successful CISO have shifted beyond effective security program management into board educator, investment advocate, talent recruiter, and brand ambassador. Developing Resilient CISOs who have the skills, tools, and support to thrive in a hostile and complex environment is one of the most important priorities for our industry and our national security. At the … More

44CON 2024

This annual information security conference brings together professionals and enthusiasts to learn, connect, and contribute to the field of cybersecurity. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking, making it a valuable event for anyone interested in information security. The conference primarily focuses on information security, with a balance of red, blue and purple team talks – covering a wide range of topics such as network security, cryptography, malware analysis, secure coding, vulnerability … More


This event is a prime opportunity to tap into the insights, innovations, and strategies driving this growth, echoing the UAE’s robust commitment to a secure digital future. This one-day event is where the latest in cloud security, threat defense, digital economies, and AI in cybersecurity come alive. Expect deep dives into operational technology security and strategies to protect SMBs, all under the umbrella of the UAE’s vision for a secure digital future.

Houston Technology Summit 2024

The conference brings together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and innovative solutions in the field of technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in engaging keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. The conference also provides a platform for networking and collaboration among peers, as well as showcasing the … More

CFP BalCCon2k24 – Balkan Computer Congress

BalCCon is a non-commercial, community-organized event, with talks and workshops by the community for the community. It aims to provide an opportunity for all the people in this part of Europe to connect and to cooperate. BalCCon covers topics such as: Hacking Information security Privacy Technology & society Making Lockpicking Electronic arts

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