Cyber Security In Financial Services Summit 2024

September 16, 2024
Hallam Conference Centre, London, UK

The purpose of the Summit is to look at the cyber risks, wherever they originate, which pose a threat to London and the financial services community and will provide a forum for Government bodies, regulators, law enforcers and financial institutions to examine the latest threats and how to combat them.

It will also look at the Government’s cyber strategy, the current and future priorities of the National Cyber Security Centre, the NCA’s response to the evolving nature of the cyber threat and the Bank of England’s stance on cyber resilience in the financial sector.

Other issues to be addressed include:

  • Managing cyber risk in London’s infrastructure to protect the financial sector
  • The FCA’s expectations of firms in terms of cyber resilience
  • The emergence of AI as a catalyst for cybercrime
  • Managing cyber risk in the supply chain
  • Legal liability for data breaches
  • The impact of quantum computing on cryptography

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