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CSPs deploying AI to improve customer experience and reduce operational costs

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are making AI deployments an immediate priority to improve service experience for customers and reduce operational costs, an Anodot …

Electronic security market to reach $80 billion by 2027

The electronic security market size is anticipated to record a valuation of $80 billion by 2027, according to a study by Global Market Insights. The global market is poised to …

Worldwide 5G connections to reach 619 million by the end of 2021

5G networks are now nearing a critical mass of global commercial network deployments and subscribers, suggesting a rapid upward curve of technology adoption over the next few …

5G connections reach 229 million, adoption 4x as fast as LTE

Despite a global pandemic and economic challenges, the fifth generation of wireless 5G powered ahead at four times the speed of subscriber growth as 4G LTE, according to 5G …

114 5G commercial networks now live worldwide

Mobile network operators continued to bring 5G networks online despite the pandemic and economic downturn, even as new 5G subscriber growth tempered in some areas, according …

Global 5G connections reach 17.7 million, 59 5G commercial networks live

Customers are making 5G the fastest growing generation of cellular wireless technology in terms of new subscriptions, according to 5G Americas. According to data based from …

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New privacy-breaking attacks against phones on 4G and 5G cellular networks

Three new attacks can be used to track the location and intercept calls of phone users connected to 4G and 5G cellular networks, researchers from Purdue University and The …

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