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DLP APIs: The next frontier for Data Loss Prevention

According to the Breach Level Index, there have been 7,094,922,061 data records lost or stolen since 2013 with 4,417,760 records lost or stolen every day, 184,073 records …

Introducing security into software through APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) can make life easier for software developers, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best and preventing them from being forced …

User info of millions of Wishbone users slurped by hackers

Science Inc., the company behind the popular online poll creation app Wishbone, has suffered a data breach. As a consequence, personal and account information of over 2.2 …

OWASP set to address API security risks

OWASP has started a new project and is set to publish a new guide on security risks. The issue they aim to tackle this time is API security. The new OWASP API Security Project …

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