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artificial intelligence

Fighting identity fraud? Here’s why we need better tech

In this Help Net Security video, Patrick Harding, Chief Architect at Ping Identity, discusses the state of identity fraud prevention. Businesses must adopt more advanced …

The challenges of GenAI in fintech

Due to the cybersecurity disclosure rules the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted in 2023, public entities in the US are required to disclose any material …

Consumers continue to overestimate their ability to spot deepfakes

The Jumio 2024 Online Identity Study reveals significant consumer concerns about the risks posed by generative AI and deepfakes, including the potential for increased …

open source
Is an open-source AI vulnerability next?

AI has captured widespread interest and offers numerous benefits. However, its rapid advancement and widespread adoption raise concerns, especially for those of us in …

Kabir Barday
Core security measures to strengthen privacy and data protection programs

As privacy laws evolve globally, organizations face increasing complexity in adapting their data protection strategies to stay compliant. In this Help Net Security interview, …

Chris Peake
Tailoring responsible AI: Defining ethical guidelines for industry-specific use

In this Help Net Security interview, Chris Peake, CISO & SVP at Smartsheet, explains how responsible AI should be defined by each organization to guide their AI …

cyber threat
Red teaming: The key ingredient for responsible AI

Developing responsible AI isn’t a straightforward proposition. On one side, organizations are striving to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. On the other …

AI’s rapid growth puts pressure on CISOs to adapt to new security risks

The increased use of AI further complicates CISO role as industries begin to realize the full potential of GenAI and its impact on cybersecurity, according to Trellix. …

How AI affects vulnerability management in open-source software

In this Help Net Security video, Itamar Sher, CEO of Seal Security, discusses how AI affects the risk and operational aspects of managing vulnerabilities in open-source …

GenAI enables cybersecurity leaders to hire more entry-level talent

93% of security leaders said public GenAI was in use across their respective organizations, and 91% reported using GenAI specifically for cybersecurity operations, according …

Security tools fail to translate risks for executives

Organizations are struggling with internal communication barriers, which hinder their ability to address cybersecurity threats, according to Dynatrace. The results indicate …

How workforce reductions affect cybersecurity postures

In its State of Pentesting Report, Cobalt reveals an industry struggling to balance the use of AI and protecting against it, while facing significant resource and staffing …

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