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artificial intelligence

Amber Schroader
Emerging trends and strategies in digital forensics

In this Help Net Security interview, Amber Schroader, CEO at Paraben Corporation, discusses the challenges posed by the complexity of modern computer systems and networks on …

AI expected to increase volume, impact of cyberattacks

All types of cyber threat actor are already using artificial intelligence (AI) to varying degrees, UK National Cyber Security Centre’s analysts say, and predict that AI …

Nate Warfield
CISOs’ role in identifying tech components and managing supply chains

In this Help Net Security interview, Nate Warfield, Director of Threat Research and Intelligence at Eclypsium, outlines the crucial tasks for CISOs in protecting supply chains …

artificial intelligence
In 2024, AI and ML shift from flashy to functional

AI and ML deserve the hype they get, but the focus can’t always be on the glitz. As these advances to deliver real benefits, there’s a slew of more mundane actions that have …

Global cyber inequity skyrockets

There has been a sharp increase in cyber inequity globally, with 90% of executives warning that urgent action is needed to address it, according to the World Economic Forum. …

artificial intelligence
Unlocking GenAI’s full potential through work reinvention

To achieve the full potential of AI, organizations must reinvent work, reshape the workforce and prepare workers, according to Accenture. A new report from Accenture reveals …

The power of AI in cybersecurity

The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI (GenAI), has revolutionized organizational landscapes and transformed both the cyber threat …

Adversaries exploit trends, target popular GenAI apps

More than 10% of enterprise employees access at least one generative AI application every month, compared to just 2% a year ago, according to Netskope. In 2023, ChatGPT was …

Geopolitical tensions combined with technology will drive new security risks

Misinformation and disinformation are biggest short-term risks, while extreme weather and critical change to Earth systems are greatest long-term concern, according to the …

Flipping the BEC funnel: Phishing in the age of GenAI

For years, phishing was just a numbers game: A malicious actor would slap together an extremely generic (and usually poorly-written) email and fire it out to thousands of …

data analytics
Cyber budgets and the VC landscape in 2024

In this Help Net Security video, Marcus Bartram, General Partner at Telstra Ventures, discusses his 2024 cybersecurity predictions: The U.S. will be in a recession by Q4 2024, …

large language models
LLM hype fades as enterprises embrace targeted AI models

2023 was the year of AI enterprise adoption, with 55% of organizations adopting AI into their workflows, according to a recent report from McKinsey & Co. This adoption …

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