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cybersecurity AI stats
25 cybersecurity AI stats you should know

In this article, you will find excerpts from reports we recently covered, which offer stats and insights into the challenges and cybersecurity issues arising from the …

AI set to play key role in future phishing attacks

A staggering increase in QR code phishing (quishing) attacks during 2023 saw them skyrocket up the list of concerns for cyber teams globally, according to Egress. Attacks were …

The rising influence of AI on the 2024 US election

We stand at a crossroads for election misinformation: on one side our election apparatus has reached a higher level of security and is better defended from malicious attackers …

People doubt their own ability to spot AI-generated deepfakes

23% of Americans said they recently came across a political deepfake they later discovered to be fake, according to McAfee. The actual number of people exposed to political …

Roy Davis
How to optimize your bug bounty programs

In this Help Net Security interview, Roy Davis, Manager – Vulnerability Management & Bug Bounty at Zoom, discusses the role bug bounty programs play in identifying …

92% of enterprises unprepared for AI security challenges

Most industries continue to run almost two or more months behind in patching software vulnerabilities, endpoints remain vulnerable to threats, and most enterprise PCs must be …

Enterprises face significant losses from mobile fraud

A recent Enea survey highlights a worrying trend in enterprise security: Following ChatGPT’s launch, 76% of businesses are inadequately protected against rising …

Caleb Sima
AI set to enhance cybersecurity roles, not replace them

In this Help Net Security interview, Caleb Sima, Chair of CSA AI Security Alliance, discusses how AI empowers security pros, emphasizing its role in enhancing skills and …

cloud security
Exposing the top cloud security threats

Many companies consider AI-powered threats to be the top cloud security threat to their business. Concerningly, less than half are confident in their ability to tackle those …

Debby Briggs
Strategies to cultivate collaboration between NetOps and SecOps

In this Help Net Security interview, Debby Briggs, CISO at Netscout, discusses breaking down silos between NetOps and SecOps. Practical steps include scheduling strategy …

Joseph Sweeney
Leveraging AI for enhanced compliance and governance

In this Help Net Security interview, Dr. Joseph Sweeney, Advisor at IBRS, discusses the risks of integrating AI into information management systems. He talks about emerging …

AI risks under the auditor’s lens more than ever

According to a recent Gartner survey, widespread GenAI adoption has resulted in a scramble to provide audit coverage for potential risks arising from the technology’s …

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