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artificial intelligence

Six steps for security and compliance in AI-enabled low-code/no-code development

AI is quickly transforming how individuals create their own apps, copilots, and automations. This is enabling organizations to improve output and increase efficiency—all …

human risk
Human risk is the top cyber threat for IT teams

After another year rife with cybercrime, IT and cyber leaders are confronted with a new reality. AI and deepfakes can trick even the most well-trained employee, and executing …

AI forensics
Why AI forensics matters now

In this Help Net Security video, Sylvia Acevedo, who serves on the Boards of Qualcomm and Credo, discusses why companies should invest in forensic capabilities and why …

Enterprises increasingly block AI transactions over security concerns

Enterprises must secure a transformation driven by generative AI (GenAI) bidirectionally: by securely adopting GenAI tools in the enterprise with zero trust while leveraging …

IT professional
How CISOs tackle business payment fraud

In this Help Net Security video, Shai Gabay, CEO of Trustmi, discusses why payments are a source of cyber worry for CISOs. CISOs are worried about Business Email Compromise …

AI weaponization becomes a hot topic on underground forums

The majority of cyberattacks against organizations are perpetrated via social engineering of employees, and criminals are using new methods including AI to supercharge their …

Reinforcement learning is the path forward for AI integration into cybersecurity

AI’s algorithms and machine learning can cull through immense volumes of data efficiently and in a relatively short amount of time. This is instrumental to helping network …

How immersive AI transforms skill development

Organizations are becoming more laser-focused on extracting the value of AI, moving from the experimentation phase toward adoption. While the potential for AI is limitless, AI …

artificial intelligence
Shadow AI is the latest cybersecurity threat you need to prepare for

Shadow IT – the use of software, hardware, systems and services that haven’t been approved by an organization’s IT/IT Sec departments – has been a problem for the last couple …

red teaming
Red teaming in the AI era

As AI gets baked into enterprise tech stacks, AI applications are becoming prime targets for cyber attacks. In response, many cybersecurity teams are adapting existing …

Pedro Cameirão
Outsmarting cybercriminal innovation with strategies for enterprise resilience

In this Help Net Security interview, Pedro Cameirão, Head of Cyber Defense Center at Nokia, discusses emerging cybersecurity trends for 2024 and advises enterprises on …

Harnessing the power of privacy-enhancing tech for safer AI adoption

A consensus on regulatory AI frameworks seems distant. Yet, the imperative for secure and responsible AI deployment cannot be overstated. How can leaders proactively address …

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