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CISOs’ priorities for the coming year

BlueFort Security has announced the results of its 2022 CISO survey, which revealed that while CISOs are still experiencing challenges around visibility, intelligence and …

Noname Security partners with BlueFort Security to offer proactive API security

Noname Security has entered into a strategic partnership with BlueFort Security, the UK’s provider of cybersecurity solutions. The partnership will provide BlueFort customers …

Office workers unwilling to change their behavior, despite being aware of the cybersecurity challenges

Despite office workers being aware of the cybersecurity challenges faced by their employer – especially when it comes to hybrid working – many admit to high risk …

CISOs operating blind, with limited visibility and control

An overwhelming percentage (75%) of CISOs consider their organization to be at greater risk of a cybersecurity attack due to the transition to home working, with a third …

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