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From unsuspecting click to data compromise

Phishing is a pervasive and ever-evolving cyber threat that has become a primary concern for individuals, organizations, and cybersecurity experts worldwide. This deceptive …

Fraud and scam activity hits all-time high

Bolster published a report which shows an unprecedented level of fraud activity, spurred by the continuing growth of digital commerce, leading to an explosion of companies’ …

crypto currency
With more than 400,000 crypto scams created in 2020, increase of 75% predicted for 2021

The findings of a Bolster report, along with real life examples, clearly correlate the rise in crypto scams to the value and popularity of cryptocurrencies as well as the …

Around 18,000 fraudulent sites are created daily

The internet is full of fraud and theft and cybercriminals are operating in the open with impunity, misrepresenting brands and advocating deceit overtly. Bolster found these …

Bolster fortifies its key leadership roles with three industry-respected veterans

Bolster, a deep learning-powered fraud prevention company protecting the world’s leading brands from counterfeit activity, announced that three industry-respected …

COVID-19 has contributed to record breaking cybercriminal activity

There has been an exponential growth in phishing and website scams in Q1 2020, according to a Bolster analysis of over 1 billion websites. 854,441 confirmed phishing and …

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