From unsuspecting click to data compromise

Phishing is a pervasive and ever-evolving cyber threat that has become a primary concern for individuals, organizations, and cybersecurity experts worldwide. This deceptive practice involves cybercriminals using various tactics to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information, such as passwords, financial data, or personal details.

Phishing attacks typically take the form of seemingly legitimate communication, often via email, but can also occur through text messages, phone calls, or social media messages.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we bring insights from cybersecurity experts who share their knowledge about phishing attacks and the evolving strategies employed by cybercriminals to deceive and compromise unsuspecting victims.

Complete videos

  • Maor Hizkiev, Senior Director Software Engineering at Datto, talks about a recently analyzed community phishing campaign revolving around Nvidia.
  • Joshua Crumbaugh, CEO, PhishFirewall, talks about how cybercriminals are taking their phishing attacks to a new level.
  • Alex Paquette, COO at Ironscales, discusses the impact in terms of the time and energy required to defend against the never-ending and ever-evolving onslaught of phishing attacks.
  • Ofek Ronen, Software Engineer at Perception Point, discusses two-step phishing attacks, which are not only dangerous but also evasive, making them even more challenging to detect and avoid.
  • Abhilash Garimella, Head of Research at Bolster, talks about the evolution of phishing and scam websites in 2023.

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