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Thousands of unpatched VMware ESXi servers hit by ransomware via old bug (CVE-2021-21974)

Late last week, unknown attackers launched a widespread ransomware attack hitting VMware ESXi hypervisors via CVE-2021-21974, an easily exploitable vulnerability that allows …

Sami Khoury
As trust in online spaces degrades, Canada bolsters resilience against cyber attacks

In this Help Net Security interview, Sami Khoury, Head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, talks about how Canada is addressing today’s top threats, touches upon …

Mars Stealer malware pushed via Google Ads and phishing emails

Cybercriminals trying to foist the Mars Stealer malware onto users seemingly have a penchant for one particulat tactic: disguising it as legitimate, benign software to trick …

Jean Le Bouthillier
With data volumes and velocity multiplying, how do you choose the right data security solution?

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused radical changes in our personal and working lives. The sudden and massive surge of employees working from home and the …

Criminals boost their schemes with COVID-19 themed phishing templates

Phishers are incessantly pumping out COVID-19 themed phishing campaigns and refining the malicious pages the targets are directed to. “Credential phishing attackers …

McAfee spy
Operation Oceansalt research reveals cyber-attacks targeting South Korea, USA and Canada

McAfee released a report announcing the discovery of a new cyber espionage campaign targeting South Korea, the United States and Canada. The new campaign uses a data …

Air Canada confirms mobile app data breach, passport numbers were accessed

Air Canada has suffered a data breach and is forcing a password reset on all 1.7 million users of its mobile app, though apparently only 20,000 of the mobile app accounts were …

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