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How to gain security consciousness through cost

In this Help Net Security video, Karthik Kannan, CEO at Anvilogic, talks about predictions for the cybersecurity world in 2023 and how to gain security consciousness through cost.

Cloud-native application adoption puts pressure on appsec teams

Oxeye revealed five predictions expected to shape enterprise security spending in 2023. The predictions follow industry-wide research, which shows the industry is shifting …

cloud complexity
Dealing with cloud security shortfalls

72% of IT leaders believe their companies moved to the cloud without properly understanding the skills, maturity curve, and complexities of making it all work securely, …

cloud money
Financial organizations more prone to accidental data leakage

Netwrix announced additional findings for the financial and banking sector from its global 2022 Cloud Security Report. Compared to other industries surveyed, financial …

snake, threat
33% of attacks in the cloud leverage credential access

Elastic released the 2022 Elastic Global Threat Report, detailing the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, as well as the increased sophistication of cloud and …

Mark Ruchie
Cloud security starts with zero trust

In this interview for Help Net Security, Mark Ruchie, CISO at Entrust, talks about cloud security and how zero trust should be implemented to guarantee overall cloud …

Threat actors extend attack techniques to new enterprise apps and services

Perception Point announced the publication of a report, “The Rise of Cyber Threats Against Email, Browsers and Emerging Cloud-Based Channels“, which evaluates the responses of …

Cybersecurity implications of using public cloud platforms

According to a recent Node4 report, IT managers have a generally positive view of public cloud platforms. Half of the respondents said that, despite benefits, they have had to …

cloud hand
Cloud data protection trends you need to be aware of

Veeam Software released the findings of the company’s Cloud Protection Trends Report 2023, covering four key “as a Service” scenarios: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), …

cloud storage
Top 4 priorities for cloud data protection

Recent BigID research found that 86% of organizations use multiple cloud platforms to store their data- across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. As the reliance on cloud services …

The current state of cloud security

Cloud security became much more complicated as COVID-19 hit and remote/hybrid workforces emerged. Organizations are struggling to sufficiently secure new cloud environments …

Cloud security trends: What makes cloud infrastructure vulnerable to threats?

In this Help Net Security video, Chris Caridi, Strategic Cyber Threat Analyst at IBM X-Force, talks about the findings of the latest IBM Security X-Force Cloud Security Threat …

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