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Success eludes the International Counter Ransomware Initiative

A swing and a miss by the 50 member countries of the International Counter Ransomware Initiative (CRI), headlined by the US, who have confirmed a commitment to collectively …

Cybersecurity insurance is missing the risk

Cybersecurity insurance is a rapidly growing market, swelling from approximately $13B in 2022 to an estimated $84B in 2030 (26% CAGR), but insurers are struggling with …

Matthew Rosenquist
AI to bring massive benefits, but also cause great concern

In this interview with Help Net Security, Matthew Rosenquist, CISO at, explains the benefits as well as the disadvantages of AI, and the tremendous impact it could …

How privacy can decrease safety

As a software company founder, I spent the majority of 2017 collecting feedback from teens, pediatricians, church leaders, and school administrators of the trends they are …

What is privacy and why does it matter?

Privacy is a basic right and a necessary protection in the digital age to avoid victimization and manipulation. In much of the world, privacy is considered a basic human …

Digital privacy: A double-edged sword

Digital privacy is paramount to the global community, but it must be balanced against the proliferation of digital-first crimes, including child sexual abuse, human …

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