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Python backdoor attacks and how to prevent them

Python backdoor attacks are increasingly common. Iran, for example, used a MechaFlounder Python backdoor attack against Turkey last year. Scripting attacks are nearly as …

Skybox Security Suite 10
New infosec products of the week: June 14, 2019

Skybox Security Suite 10 to simplify enterprise security management processes Skybox Security Suite 10 brings an intuitive, customizable user experience to simplify management …

Edgewise Networks launches new platform for 1-click microsegmentation and zero trust

Edgewise Networks launched its new platform that radically simplifies the creation and management of zero trust environments with one-click microsegmentation. In seconds, …

The next step in network security evolution

In 1987, Bernd Fix developed a method to neutralize the Vienna virus, becoming the first known antivirus software developer. In 2017, as we pass the 30-year anniversary, a lot …

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