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FreeBSD 14.0 released, OpenSSH and OpenSSL updated

FreeBSD 14.0 is now available for the amd64, aarch64, i386, powerpc, powerpc64, powerpc64le, powerpcspe, armv7, and riscv64 architectures. FreeBSD provides sophisticated …

New DNS vulnerabilities have the potential to impact millions of devices

Forescout Research Labs, in partnership with JSOF, disclosed a new set of DNS vulnerabilities, dubbed NAME:WRECK. These vulnerabilities affect four popular TCP/IP stacks …

New fuzzing tool for USB drivers uncovers bugs in Linux, macOS, Windows

With a new fuzzing tool created specifically for testing the security of USB drivers, researchers have discovered more than two dozen vulnerabilities in a variety of operating …

SACK TCP flaws can crash, slow down Linux-based systems

An engineering manager at Netflix has unearthed several TCP networking vulnerabilities in Linux and FreeBSD kernels that could lead to systems crashing or consuming too many …

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