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Secure your cloud: Remove the human vulnerabilities

Training to increase employees’ security awareness and change risky behaviours among end users is important, particularly as the future workplace will be hybrid and many …

93% of workers overshare online, causing security risks

Tessian reveals just how much, and how often, people divulge about their lives online and how attackers take advantage of it. With insights from both professionals and …

Malware activity spikes 128%, Office document phishing skyrockets

Nuspire released a report, outlining new cybercriminal activity and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) throughout Q3 2020, with additional insight from Recorded Future. …

What is the true extent of the modern corporate digital attack surface?

RiskIQ released a report analyzing the company’s internet-wide telemetry and massive internet data collection to reveal the true extent of the modern corporate digital …

Advanced attack scenarios and sabotage of smart manufacturing environments

Advanced hackers could leverage unconventional, new attack vectors to sabotage smart manufacturing environments, according to Trend Micro. Industry 4.0 Lab, the system that …

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