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Virtual patching: Cut time to patch from 250 days to <1 day

Unpatched vulnerabilities are responsible for 60% of all data breaches. The Department of Homeland Security has estimated that the proportion of breaches stemming from …

Open banking API security: Best practices to ensure a safe journey

More than 9 in 10 financial sectors accept that open banking is vital to their organization. The demand for fast, hassle-free, and personalized banking and financial services …

Bad bots are coming at APIs! How to beat the API bot attacks?

API or Application Programming Interface is a de facto building block for modern-day applications, necessary for both building and connecting applications and websites. But …

Why your API gateway is not enough for API security?

The emergence of cloud computing architectures has caused enterprises to rethink the way applications are scaled. Impetuses were put on companies to get away from deploying …

Product showcase: AppTrana

DDoS Attacks, bots, targeted attacks based on application vulnerabilities, have created a new wave of security challenges. Attackers are constantly targeting …

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