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DDoS Attacks, bots, targeted attacks based on application vulnerabilities, have created a new wave of security challenges. Attackers are constantly targeting internet-connected endpoints and specifically web servers to steal data, crash sites, and hold the business for ransom. A web application is a lucrative target for the attackers as they are critical for most businesses.

One of the key risk mitigation steps for defending the business from web application attacks is to have a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Many businesses do have traditional WAF solutions deployed. WAF does provide the capability and platform to ensure threat protection against attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and OWASP Top 10. However, without having the ability to keep the WAF tuned continuously based on the current risk posture, the technology is ineffective. Tuning it requires special expertise and an understanding of application risk.

To shore up yesterday’s defense against today’s and tomorrow’s threats, defend your application by leveraging a new generation of risk-based fully managed cloud WAF.

Why do you need a risk-based cloud WAF?

  • It provides continuous visibility of the risk and vulnerabilities in your application. Attackers are always on the look for doing a targeted attack, so getting visibility before them is the first step in a risk-based approach to security.
  • Many attackers rely on automated tools to discover weaknesses. As a business you must use automated tools to take care of your application. A risk-based approach makes it more effective by ensuring it is done frequently and is free of false positives with security experts validating the automated findings.
  • Hackers do not have the time to do deeper security assessments unless they find weaknesses via automated tools. You can stay one step ahead of the hackers by doing periodic manual penetration testing to get a deeper business logic assessment.
  • Once you get visibility of risks, you can take steps to instantly fix them, not just in your application, but also in the managed cloud WAF service. This not only ensures that the risk is mitigated but also will help track on attempted attack and get more insights about the hacker and dynamically have policies to increase the defense and block rules.
  • Having a cloud WAF also ensures attacks that are targeted to just get the site down can be absorbed and scrubbed off by the cloud WAF infrastructure before it hits your web application. A cloud WAF can auto-scale and have alerts in place that can look at traffic to ensure instant updates are made.

Overall, a risk-based cloud WAF solution is the most effective option to ensure you have accurate, relevant protection with zero false positives and do it continuously in sync with your web application lifecycle.

AppTrana: Risk-based fully managed cloud WAF

Indusface‘s AppTrana is a cloud-based WAF that accumulates and tracks risks to protect your web apps from web exploits, which could compromise security and affect application availability. Its continuous risk analysis offers critical insights into the site behavior. It provides you control over which traffic to block or allow your application with defined acceptable risk based on industry-standard security rules.


You can use AppTrana to make custom rules, which block common cyberattack patterns like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, bots, application vulnerabilities, OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, and suspicious data-type patterns & URL patterns. You can also deploy new rules within minutes, allowing you to respond instantly to the changing web traffic patterns.


AppTrana key features

1. No false positives and virtual patching

Traditional WAFs have been troubled by false positives. AppTrana brings together application profiling, signatures, active engagement, attacker profiling, tracking across various phases of attack and most importantly includes 24×7 Security experts as part of the service to update rules, write virtual patches.

2. DDoS and bot protection

By combining the most intelligent methodologies and 24/7 monitoring of security experts, block a volumetric DDoS attack before it happens. It also tracks targeted application layer attacks and takes instant steps before they can bring the application down. It ensures that all traffic to your domain is routed through the AppTrana WAF, which acts as a secure reverse proxy. It filters the incoming web traffic, blocks DDoS traffic, and alerts the 24×7 managed security team if there are anomalies to scrub of the bad traffic, and passes only legitimate requests.


AppTrana’s DDoS filtering process is based on a set of security rules, which observes the HTTP footprint, client behavior, and reputation.

3. Accelerate application performance


While intelligently profiling web traffic to block DDoS attacks, AppTrana also accelerates the outgoing traffic. Being optimized with advanced optimization and caching techniques, you no longer required to compromise the website speed for protection. AppTrana comes bundled with a CDN or can work with any existing CDN you may have already subscribed to.

4. Bundled web application scanner and penetration testing

As part of the risk-based managed service promise, AppTrana includes a security assessment of your website with an automated web application scanner as well as on-demand manual penetration testing. Besides providing visibility of vulnerabilities and patching them, AppTrana portal will also show the co-relation between the risks, its protection status and the attacks targeting those risks and where they are coming from.

5. Security expertise for complete detection and remediation

To complement the power-packed features, the AppTrana WAF service is backed by the rapid response capabilities of Indusface’s world-class cybersecurity experts. The resources provide proactive 24/7/365 threat monitoring as well as reporting to defend customers from insidious threats like web fraud, phishing, and malware.

AppTrana offers cloud-based web application security services, which leverages the leading cybersecurity intelligence and cloud WAF rules to resolve issues faced by a traditional WAF like zero-day attacks and advanced risk detection and mitigation.

Web application becomes an easy target for cybercriminals. Don’t let web application threats rain on your business parade. Protect yours by starting a free trial with AppTrana.

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