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kids smartwatch
Products used by children are not nearly as privacy-protecting as they should be

Common Sense Media released a report examining kids’ privacy trends and practices of hundreds of popular technology companies and products over the last five years. The …

Consumers would like to view internet connectivity as a trusted utility

CSPs are well positioned to capture a clearly defined opportunity by meeting their customers’ unmet need for protection against growing threats, such as phishing and malware, …

Retina-X admits they have suffered a data breach

Retina-X Studios, the makers of several consumer-grade monitoring products, have finally announced that they have suffered a data breach. Retina-X and FlexiSpy, another …

Sensitive child profiles, private messages exposed online

Security researcher Chris Vickery has discovered another database containing sensitive user data exposed online (i.e. accessible via Internet). Leveraging Shodan, he unearthed …

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