Consumers would like to view internet connectivity as a trusted utility

CSPs are well positioned to capture a clearly defined opportunity by meeting their customers’ unmet need for protection against growing threats, such as phishing and malware, and for parental control to ensure their children’s online safety, an Allot survey reveals.

internet connectivity

Wireless subscribers want device security protection

28% of subscribers said they would definitely switch service providers to obtain a superior cybersecurity solution.

Another 40% said they would likely switch providers for better cybersecurity.

Telecom providers are situated to provide security services

CSPs own the data pipes and the customer relationship and 90% of global subscribers said they feel their service provider should provide a security solution for their devices.

Subscribers are willing to pay for cybersecurity solutions

Consumers would spend, on average, nearly $5 per month for a zero-touch network-based cybersecurity solution that protects all their devices.

“Consumers would like to view internet connectivity as a trusted utility that is safe to use,” said Moshe Moran, VP Sales, North America for Allot.

“By offering a network-based security solution for fixed and wireless subscribers, service providers can develop a revenue-generating service that reduces turnover and improves brand loyalty by satisfying the customer’s needs.”

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