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Purdue University Global

Purdue University and MITRE form partnership to advance innovation and workforce development

Purdue University and MITRE are combining their expertise and capabilities to form a new public-private partnership focusing on key areas of national safety and security. …

Joerg Appenzeller computer chip
Engineers design transistor that disguises key computer chip hardware from hackers

A hacker can reproduce a circuit on a chip by discovering what key transistors are doing in a circuit – but not if the transistor “type” is undetectable. Purdue University …

Researchers aim to improve code patching in embedded systems

Three Purdue University researchers and their teammates at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne have received a DARPA …

cloud money
OPTIMUSCLOUD: Cost and performance efficiency for cloud-hosted databases

A Purdue University data science and machine learning innovator wants to help organizations and users get the most for their money when it comes to cloud-based databases. Her …

Patented algorithms predict, identify, diagnose and prevent abnormalities in complex systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced public health, supply chain, transportation, government, economic and many other entities to interact in real time. One of the challenges in …

Securitas and Purdue University Global offer employee security certificate programs

Securitas Security Services USA, the knowledge leader in the protective services industry, announced an exclusive partnership with Purdue University Global to offer four …

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