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SentryBay protects business data at the endpoint with Armored Client for AVD & W365

SentryBay adds to its family of Armored Client products with a solution specifically designed to address the client-side security gaps of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and …

SentryBay collaborates with TD SYNNEX to protect corporate applications and data on the endpoint

SentryBay has come to a partnership agreement with TD SYNNEX, one of the world’s leading IT distributor and solutions aggregators. As a result, TD SYNNEX, which was formed out …

SentryBay partners with Stratodesk to deliver shield against cyber threats for BYOD environments

SentryBay, the UK-based cybersecurity software company, and Stratodesk, a global innovator in end-user computing (EUC) management and OS software, announced their technology …

Rethinking cybersecurity becomes imperative as devices and apps move away from physical offices

69.1% of professionals with security responsibility believe a rethink is needed to deal with the threat of cybersecurity now that devices and applications have moved outside …

1 in 5 companies fail PCI compliance assessments of their infrastructure

According to a recent poll by SentryBay, the infrastructure of over 21% of surveyed companies has failed key PCI compliance assessments, designed to assist them to maintain …

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