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atlassian confluence
Atlassian Confluence data-wiping vulnerability exploited

Threat actors are trying to exploit CVE-2023-22518, a critical Atlassian Confluence flaw that allows unauthenticated attackers to reset vulnerable instances’ database, …

The removal of Qakbot from infected computers is just the first step

The Qakbot botnet has been disrupted by an international law enforcement operation that culminated last weekend, when infected computers started getting untethered from it by …

Zyxel firewalls under attack by Mirai-like botnet

CVE-2023-28771, the critical command injection vulnerability affecting many Zyxel firewalls, is being actively exploited by a Mirai-like botnet, and has been added to …

Ransomware gangs are exploiting IBM Aspera Faspex RCE flaw (CVE-2022-47986)

Attackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability (CVE-2022-47986) in the IBM Aspera Faspex centralized file transfer solution to breach organizations. About CVE-2022-47986 …

PoC for critical ManageEngine bug to be released, so get patching! (CVE-2022-47966)

If your enterprise is running ManageEngine products that were affected by CVE-2022-47966, check now whether they’ve been updated to a non-vulnerable version because …

Shadowserver: Get free access to timely, critical Internet security data

The Shadowserver Foundation fulfills a unique role in the cybersecurity ecosystem by supplying vital security information to Internet defenders and law enforcement at no cost. …

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