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Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands breach exposed data of 665,000 customers

Singapore-based luxury resort and casino Marina Bay Sands has suffered a data breach that exposed data of 665,000 non-casino rewards program members. The Marina Bay Sands data …

cybersecurity jobs
Cybersecurity layoffs in 2023: What to expect?

The economic downturn predicted for 2023 will lead to layoffs but cybersecurity workers will be least affected, says the latest (ISC)² report. Also, as soon as things get …

Singapore builds National Quantum-Safe Network to enhance network security for critical infrastructure

Singapore’s Quantum Engineering Programme (QEP) will start conducting nationwide trials of quantum-safe communication technologies that promise robust network security for …

Hackers stole personal, medication data of a quarter of Singaporeans

Hackers have breached Singapore’s health service and have stolen personal information of some 1.5 million patients. They have also compromised outpatient medication data …

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