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Deloitte launches Threat Hunting-As-A-Service powered by Sqrrl

Deloitte CyberSOC EMEA Center, SL. closed a strategic agreement with Sqrrl to provide Managed Threat Hunting Services to clients in the EMEA region using Sqrrl’s threat …

The impact of threat hunting on your security operations

The main goal of threat hunting is to find traces attackers have left behind in the organization’s IT environment. These traces can date back to already solved crises or …

Laying the foundation for a proactive SOC

Most companies are trying to shift their Security Operations Center (SOC) from a reactive to a proactive posture. To do that, the analysts’ reaction to security events …

Getting a start on cyber threat hunting

In this age of advanced persistent threats, waiting for traditional threat management solutions like IDS and SIEM to flag incidents and threats is simply not enough anymore. …

Sqrrl empowers threat hunters with self-service analytics

Today, analysts must either have advanced data science skills to build hunting algorithms that detect suspicious cyber behaviors or rely on blackbox vendor tools that package …

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