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Who’s responsible for fixing SS7 security issues?

The WannaCry ransomware onslaught has overshadowed some of the other notable happenings this month, including the spectacular Google-themed phishing/spamming attack, and the …

Attackers exploited SS7 flaws to empty Germans’ bank accounts

Cyber criminals have started exploiting a long-known security vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocols to bypass German banks’ two-factor authentication and drain their …

How attackers can hijack your Facebook account

Positive Technologies researchers have demonstrated that knowing a user’s phone number and how to exploit a vulnerability in the SS7 network is enough to hijack that …

Flaw allows eavesdropping and tracking of mobile phone users

German hacker Karsten Nohl has demonstrated to the crew of CBS News’ 60 Minutes program how easy it can be for well-resourced attackers to eavesdrop on the phone calls …

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