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Poor data sanitization practices put public sector data at risk

A research launched by Blancco Technology Group reveals current practices and policies for device sanitization within the public sector. Researchers spoke to 596 government IT …

PinK: A new way of implementing a key-value store in SSDs

As web services, cloud storage, and big-data services continue expanding and finding their way into our lives, the gigantic hardware infrastructures they rely on–known …

Things to consider when selecting enterprise SSDs for critical workloads

The process of evaluating solid state drives (SSDs) for enterprise applications can present a number of challenges. You want maximum performance for the most demanding servers …

Researchers fight ransomware attacks by leveraging properties of flash-based storage

Ransomware continues to pose a serious threat to organizations of all sizes. In a new paper, “Project Almanac: A Time-Traveling Solid State Drive,” University of …

Self-encrypting SSDs vulnerable to encryption bypass attacks

Researchers have discovered security holes in the hardware encryption implementation of several solid state disks (SSDs) manufactured by Crucial (owned by Micron) and Samsung, …

SSD security challenges: Which data sanitization methods are effective?

In recent years, a growing number of data breaches have resulted from the improper data removal and insecure storage of drives. Organizations face a myriad of internal and …

Samsung Portable SSD T3
Samsung Portable SSD T3 offers increased data security and portability

Samsung announced the Samsung Portable SSD T3, a palm-sized, external SSD that offers multi-terabyte storage capacity. Designed specifically for today’s mobile lifestyle, the …

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