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Fake DDoS protection pages are delivering malware!

Malware peddlers are exploiting users’ familiarity with and inherent trust in DDoS protection pages to make them download and run malware on their computer, Sucuri …

Secure your CMS-based websites against pervasive attacks

Sucuri Security’s 2021 Website Threat Research Report has revealed that payment card skimmers are becoming more common in exploit kits affecting WordPress websites, and …

CMS-based sites under attack: The latest threats and trends

Payment card skimmers are becoming more common in exploit kits affecting WordPress websites and attackers are spending more time customizing them to avoid detection, …

cybersecurity solutions try free
Cybersecurity during the pandemic: Try these security solutions for free!

In order to help global organizations of all sizes address cybersecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of vendors provide free (time-limited) access to their …

Attackers are exploiting WordPress plugin flaw to inject malicious scripts

Attackers are leveraging an easily exploitable bug in the popular WP Live Chat Support plugin to inject a malicious JavaScript in vulnerable sites, Zscaler warns. The company …

How a URL shortener allows malicious actors to hijack visitors’ CPU power

URL shorteners are often used by malware peddlers and attackers to trick users into following a link they otherwise wouldn’t. But Coinhive’s URL shortener carries …

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