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Dennis Fridrich
Preparing health systems for cyber risks and insurance coverage

Our healthcare systems are at risk of infiltration by threat actors, potentially disrupting services, compromising sensitive data, and even jeopardizing patient outcomes. …

Don’t wait for medical device cybersecurity legislation: Act now to save patients’ lives

Cyberattacks can cost lives — especially in the healthcare sector. Nearly a quarter of healthcare providers victimized by ransomware reported increased mortality rates …

security platform
TRIMEDX improves medical device cybersecurity with new cloud-based features

TRIMEDX announced new features that will help healthcare systems reduce medical device cybersecurity risks, bolster patient safety, and optimize medical equipment across all …

TRIMEDX partners with CyberVista to launch a cybersecurity training program

TRIMEDX is pleased to announce a comprehensive cybersecurity training program specifically designed to address the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks on connected medical …

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