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Lynis: Open-source security auditing tool

Lynis is a comprehensive open-source security auditing tool for UNIX-based systems, including Linux, macOS, and BSD. Hardening with Lynis Lynis conducts a thorough security …

Vim 9.1 released: New features and bug fixes

Vim, a highly adaptable text editor, is designed to efficiently create and modify all types of text. It comes included as vi in most UNIX systems and macOS. Renowned for its …

Unix-like Artifacts Collector (UAC)
UAC: Live response collection script for incident response

Unix-like Artifacts Collector (UAC) is a live response collection script for incident response that makes use of native binaries and tools to automate the collection of AIX, …

Ransomware attack levels soaring, now accounting for 69% of all attacks involving malware

Ransomware attacks have reached ‘stratospheric’ levels in Q2 2021, now accounting for 69% of all attacks involving malware. That is among the most disturbing finding in the …

Guess what? You should patch Exim again!

Hot on the heels of a patch for a critical RCE Exim flaw comes another one that fixes a denial of service (DoS) condition (CVE-2019-16928) that could also be exploited by …

Privilege escalation on Unix machines via plugins for text editors

Several of the most popular extensible text editors for Unix environments could be misused by attackers to escalate privileges on targeted systems, SafeBreach researchers have …

Exim vulnerability opens 400,000 servers to remote code execution

If you’re using the Exim mail transfer agent on your Internet-connected Unix-like systems and you haven’t yet upgraded to version 4.90.1, now is the time to do it …

Stack Clash bug could give root privileges to attackers on Unix, Linux systems

Qualys researchers have unearthed a serious privilege escalation bug affecting a wide variety of Unix and Unix-based operating systems, and has been working with vendors to …

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