Vim 9.1 released: New features and bug fixes

Vim, a highly adaptable text editor, is designed to efficiently create and modify all types of text. It comes included as vi in most UNIX systems and macOS.


Renowned for its rock-solid stability, Vim is constantly evolving to improve further, and version 9.1 has recently been released. The latest version focuses on fixes for unsafe memory access, leaks, buffer overflows, and potential crashes. Alongside, it introduces a handful of new features and numerous minor enhancements.

New features:

  • Support for Vim9 classes and objects for the Vim9 scripting language.
  • New :defer command, to help cleaning up a function.
  • Support for adding virtual-text to a buffer is added. This is useful for language server features (e.g. inlay hints).
  • Smooth scroll support has been implemented.
  • An EditorConfig plugin is included with Vim.
  • Vim has been updated for OpenVMS.
  • xxd has been updated to support color output and allows to reverse bit dumps.

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