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Google makes removal of personal user info from Search easier

Google is making it easier for users to remove personal contact information and personal, non-consensual explicit imagery from Google search results. “Of course, …

5 steps to building NSA-level access control for your app

Access control has become a main concern when it comes to developing secure web applications, and the NSA has a lot to say about it. Especially when it comes to the biggest …

Monitoring the impact of security solutions on user experiences is critical

Modern organizations are challenged by conflicting demands to secure the enterprise while delivering excellent end-user experiences, according to Broadcom Software. The survey …

Web3 and the future of data portability: Rethinking user experiences and incentives on the internet

Tech conversations are now peppered with a new, contentious buzzword: Web3, and we’re all likely to hear a lot more of it in the coming years. It’s an umbrella term for …

The challenge of planning an IAM strategy for multi-cloud environments to avoid risk

According to the Strata Identity and Forrester study, 78% of IT decision-makers said managing user identities between multiple clouds is the number one challenge. The study …

G Suite
Google introduces many G Suite security enhancements

Last week, the big news from Google Cloud Next 2019 was that phones running Android 7.0 or higher can be turned into a security key for G Suite account 2-step verification. …

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