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preparing career cybersecurity
Preparing for a career in cybersecurity? Check out these statistics

This article includes excerpts from various reports that provide statistics and insights on cybersecurity jobs, skills shortages, and workforce dynamics. Lack of skills and …

Find out which cyber threats you should be concerned about

This article includes excerpts from various reports that offer statistics and insights into the current cyber threat landscape. Human error still perceived as the Achilles’ …

cyber risks
Worried about job security, cyber teams hide security incidents

The frequency and severity of cyberattacks are increasing—yet most businesses remain unprepared, according to VikingCloud. Between a growing talent shortage, alert fatigue, …

VikingCloud introduces CCS Advantage to boost PCI compliance program value

VikingCloud announced CCS Advantage, a self-service Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance and cybersecurity program for Level 4 (L4) businesses. …

VikingCloud THOR AI offers real-time interactive analytics

VikingCloud announced THOR AI (Threat Hunting and Orchestrated Response), a generative AI-powered cybersecurity chatbot. The new complimentary cyber defense tool is designed …

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