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vulnerability assessment

Researchers working on tools that aim to eliminate computer bugs

It’s bad enough losing an hour’s work when your computer crashes – but in settings like healthcare and aviation, software glitches can have far more serious consequences. In …

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Should enterprises delay efforts to remediate most vulnerabilities?

Companies today appear to have the resources needed to address all of their high-risk vulnerabilities. The research demonstrates that companies are getting smarter in how they …

66.1% of vulnerabilities published through Q3 2018 have a documented solution

There have been 16,172 vulnerabilities disclosed through October 29th, which is a 7% decrease from the high record reported last year at this time. The 16,172 vulnerabilities …

Vulnerabilities’ CVSS scores soon to be assigned by AI

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is planning to use IBM’s Watson to evaluate how critical publicly reported computer vulnerabilities are and …

Connected car security is improving, researchers say

The automotive industry has apparently stepped up their game when it comes to improving connected car security. According to the latest IOActive report, which was compiled …

WhiteSource unveils free open source Vulnerability Checker

WhiteSource announced the release of its Vulnerability Checker, a free tool that provides companies with immediate, real-time alerts on the 50 most critical open source …

There’s a global divide in how organizations assess cyber risk

Nearly 48 percent of organizations globally have embraced strategic vulnerability assessment – defined as mature or moderately mature programs that include targeted and …

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