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zero trust
Industrial sectors embrace zero trust for enhanced security

Organizations are leveraging zero trust to enhance the safety, security, and reliability of their enterprise across IT and OT environments, according to Xage Security. Zero …

world map
Strengthening defenses against nation-state and for-profit cyber attacks

There is an urgent need to secure tactical, operational, and strategic critical assets from the edge to the core. In this Help Net Security video, Geoffrey Mattson, CEO of …

Darktrace partners with Xage Security to detect threats deep inside IT and OT systems

Darktrace and Xage Security announced a new partnership to help businesses prevent cyberattacks and insider threats in critical environments. This collaboration brings …

Geoffrey Mattson
JCDC’s strategic shift: Prioritizing cyber hardening

In this Help Net Security interview, Geoffrey Mattson, CEO of Xage Security, discusses the evolution of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) since its 2021 inception …

Industrial cybersecurity leaders are making considerable headway

Increased cyber threats and government directives have made cybersecurity a top priority among critical infrastructure organizations. A zero trust security architecture is the …

ComEd and Xage Security show how blockchain can provide operational and security benefits

ComEd, one of the nation’s largest energy delivery companies, announced it will partner with Xage Security to demonstrate how blockchain technology can enhance the security …

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