Industrial sectors embrace zero trust for enhanced security

Organizations are leveraging zero trust to enhance the safety, security, and reliability of their enterprise across IT and OT environments, according to Xage Security.

OT environments zero trust

Zero trust security implementation in industrial sectors

The report analyzes the current status and trajectory of zero trust security implementation within industrial organizations, specifically focusing on critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

The growing and evolving threat landscape has elevated cybersecurity to a top priority for infrastructure operators across the globe. New cybersecurity challenges are coming to the forefront for IT and OT systems, requiring more stringent security standards.

The report found that its evident zero trust is gradually gaining traction and attention within the industrial sectors and is actively being integrated into security programs.

“While zero trust is not a one-size-fits-all model, the data shows that organizations are evolving their understanding of zero trust as a strategy to enhance the safety, security, and reliability of both their enterprise IT and OT environments,” said Jonathon Gordon, Industry Analyst at Takepoint Research. “The industrial world is taking action and recognizes the necessity to expedite zero trust adoption to keep our nation’s—and world’s—critical infrastructure safe from cyberattacks.”

Shrinking budgets in various sectors is driving the appeal of cost-efficient cybersecurity solutions such as zero trust, known for its scalability and potential for savings. Zero trust facilitates the integration of an economical security layer onto existing frameworks, enabling substantial risk reduction without overhauling systems, especially valuable in OT settings.

Organizations are worried about data sharing

72% of organizations have started adopting zero trust principles, with 38% of organizations establishing, implementing, and optimizing zero trust control measures.

78% express concern or significant concern about data sharing. Ensuring data security and protection against unauthorized access and tampering emerges as the foremost worry for 55% of respondents.

Respondents’ top-3 challenges related to securing OT environments are IT/OT integration (77%), protecting against ransomware threats (76%), and modernizing remote access (55%).

Survey respondents appear to have implemented a wide range of remote access solutions, yet they express significant concerns regarding these solutions. Specifically, 68% of respondents report their current solution is complex, both in terms of usability and management.

Additionally, 64% point out the lack of features needed to comply with new regulations, and 61% cite scalability problems with their existing solutions as major concerns.

Industries are embracing transformation at varying speeds, integrating IT / OT and digital transformation is a pathway to progress. However, oil & gas is lagging at 35% in agreement.

“Amidst market confusion surrounding various zero trust strategies, it is evident that organizations are now diligently navigating through them and honing their approaches,” said Sri Sundaralingam, SVP of Marketing at Xage. “The survey results underscore the increasing adoption of zero trust across industrial sectors, aimed at mitigating crucial business risks while propelling digital transformation alongside new business initiatives.”

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