Mexico’s Largest Bank Deploys PGP e-ppliance 1000 to Protect Critical Gigabit Network

Customizable Appliance Delivers Top Performance and Ensures Secure Internet-Based Transactions and Communications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 25 /PRNewswire/ — PGP Security, a division of Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA), is now shipping the PGP 1000 e-ppliance, a new network security appliance capable of securing up to a gigabit of data throughput per second. The PGP 1000 e-ppliance extends PGP Security’s industry leading security appliance product line as one of the most comprehensive offerings in the marketplace, which protects the increasing levels of network traffic resulting from the expanding use of the Internet as a strategic business platform.

“To maintain our success in the Internet economy, Banamex has used the Internet as a means to communicate and share information with our partners and customers, which in turn has opened the door to new threats and vulnerabilities,” said Mr. Isidro Martinez-Guerra, executive vice president of e-banking at Banamex. “The PGP e-ppliance 1000 delivers the high-performance and scalability needed to ensure we are keeping confidential information private while keeping up with our customer demands.”

The PGP 1000 e-ppliance helps customers achieve top network performance without compromising security measures and policies. As companies move more of their business operations and transactions to Internet-based systems, the PGP 1000 e-ppliance’s customizable architecture and configuration tools give customers the flexibility to set security checking levels to meet specific applications and corporate security policy needs. This feature increases the speed and performance of the applications and communication without sacrificing the security of the corporate network security.

The PGP 1000 e-ppliance includes ICSA IPsec certified Gauntlet firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities, and McAfee anti-virus software in a high performance scalable platform with a web-based management console to allow easy deployment and manageability. The Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) also enables secure remote configuration and management of multiple devices from a single web-based console. This addition complements PGP Security’s new line of PGP e-ppliances, providing a range of solutions for the small and medium size company, as well as the global enterprise. According to IDC, the firewall appliance market alone will make up 50 percent of the total firewall market by 2003. Today, businesses are looking for products that are cost efficient, easier to deploy and easier to manage, leading them to hardware solutions over software. Cost-effective appliances are similarly attractive to managed service providers who greatly benefit from the efficiencies inherent in delivering and managing solutions around limited, defined sets of hardware rather than the infinite configurations that can be deployed using software-based solutions. As the number of broadband users (cable and DSL) and the rate of Internet traffic continues to increase, enterprises must scale their solutions to maintain performance.

“PGP Security’s gigabit e-ppliance is the ideal product for any large enterprise that requires a robust, easy-to-administer, and cost-effective security with the capability to manage high-volume traffic at gigabit speeds,” said Jeff Jones, vice president of marketing for PGP Security. “The flexibility of the product allows users to customize the level of security required for each aspect of the network, ensuring that employees, partners and customers can access the information they need.”

PGP 1000 e-ppliance offers users the flexibility of mixing packet filtering, application proxy or patent-pending adaptive proxy rules within a single application. For example, a security manager can apply packet filtering, a basic security check, for general web requests and apply application proxy, a high level of security, for accessing downloadable information on the Intranet. The VPN capabilities include gateway configured Virtual Identity pools that allow remote users to access network resources as if they are onsite, making access easier while maintaining security for remote users. The Exclusive Gateway capability, in combination with the PGPnet VPN Client, provides a unique capability to force all network traffic through the VPN server when connected — protecting from hacker attacks similar to those that affected Microsoft. The device further secures a network with the inclusion of McAfee anti-virus software that scans FTP, HTTP and SMTP files at the gateway to detect and clean known virus before it enters the network environment.

Pricing and Availability

PGP 1000 e-ppliance was introduced in December and is priced at $148,000.

PGP Security, a division of Network Associates, is a worldwide leader in products and services focusing on solving privacy and data confidentiality issues, and has a strong history of setting security industry standards. PGP Security’s breadth of security products, including firewall, encryption, intrusion detection, risk assessment and VPN technologies, address the full range of security and privacy issues, where information is transmitted or stored. PGP Security’s products secure over seven million users and include several of the industry’s well-known security brands, including Gauntlet Firewall/VPN, PGP Corporate Desktop Privacy Products, the E-Business Server family of products, CyberCop Scanner, and PGP e-ppliances/VPN. PGP Security’s COVERT research team identifies and works to resolve serious vulnerabilities before attackers are able to exploit them. The findings are incorporated into the product offerings, ensuring protection from the latest vulnerabilities. For more information and software evaluations, visit .

About Network Associates

With headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Network Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of security and availability solutions for e-businesses. Network Associates is comprised of four business units: McAfee, delivering world class anti-virus products; PGP Security, providing firewall, intrusion detection and encryption products; Sniffer Technologies, a leader in network and application management; and Magic Solutions, providing web-based service desk solutions. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at 972-308-9960 or on the Internet at .

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