RSA 2008: SafeNet releases encryption solution for IBM z/OS mainframes

SafeNet introduced a mainframe solution which leverages Ingrian Networks’ advanced encryption capabilities to allow customers to protect sensitive information in z/OS environments. Ingrian Networks, a leading provider of data privacy solutions, was acquired by SafeNet on April 3, 2008.

SafeNet’s mainframe solution helps retail, banking, and other financial institution customers achieve PCI compliance by allowing them to quickly encrypt and decrypt critical data in z/OS environments as well as manage bulk encryptions and decryptions within flat files with the SafeNet Transform Utility.

SafeNet’s mainframe solution consists of:

  • SafeNet z/OS Application Connector – Users access DataSecure via an API from CICS, TSO, or Batch environments to request any type of data to be encrypted or decrypted.
  • SafeNet DataSecure Appliance – The appliance resides outside of the z/OS mainframe where it manages encryption keys and securely encrypts and decrypts data based on requests sent from the mainframe.
  • To enable encryption and decryption of large amounts of data within flat files, SafeNet has developed the Transform Utility which runs under z/OS to move bulk quantities of sensitive data in and out of data stores with absolutely no impact on the environment.

    The Transform Utility enables the SafeNet DataSecure Appliance to rapidly encrypt entire binary files in situations where customers do not require field level granularity for protecting data.

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