Enterprise class, tiered storage management for Mac OS X

QStar Technologies announced that its HSM archive platform is now available for Apple Mac OS X 10.5. With an extensive global install base on other operating systems, HSM’s advanced archiving and storage device management capabilities are now available for Apple Macintosh users, adding to QStar’s list of supported operating systems and markets.

For the first time, the HSM platform provides a storage solution supporting mixed RAID, optical (Blu-ray) and tape (LTO, SAIT, SDLT) technologies within the Apple environment.

Built for enterprise-level demands, HSM is a complete storage platform that automatically manages the migration and lifecycle of data across multiple tiers of storage. The HSM solution architecture is based on the resilient 3-2-1 model with RAID storage, backed by a secure optical or tape archive and complete offline media management.

“The Mac enterprise and server environment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and its storage needs have grown exponentially. From a storage and data management perspective, Apple users are struggling with the same concerns as traditional Windows, UNIX and Linux customers. Relentless data growth, risk management, compliance and cost containment are business critical issues that QStar helps companies to address,” explained Riccardo Finotti, CEO at QStar.

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