Device control and endpoint security for Mac users

CoSoSys released My Endpoint Protector for Mac. This device control and data loss prevention service for Mac users and network administrators offers the ability to proactively manage device control use and prevent data theft, data loss and data leakage.

My Endpoint Protector for Mac helps companies:

  • Monitor, Control or block the use of portable USB, Firewire devices and CD/DVD use
  • Centrally manage all protected Macs and PCs online
  • Grant granular permissions to specific USB storage devices
  • Save time by requiring no server installation (Software as a Service model)
  • Preserve current hardware resources by supporting heterogeneous networks of Mac and Windows client PCs
  • Enforce offline protection when computers are not connected to the internet.

My Endpoint Protector is an Endpoint-Security-as-a-Service alternative for companies who don’t have the time and resources to manage their own, on premise device control and data loss prevention solution.

In office networks such as hospitals and publishing houses the use of portable devices needs to be controlled since it is regulated by law or industry standards. As not all staffers or visitors employing such devices do it with good intent or are trained to do it in a secure manner, their use needs to be proactively managed.

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