Mobile security encryption solutions from PGP

PGP announced two new mobile security encryption solutions, PGP Portable and PGP Mobile 9.10, designed to address the challenges facing organizations that share portable data and secure email on smartphones.

PGP Portable is a new data protection solution that provides self-contained encryption on any removable storage device or optical media, including USB sticks, CDs and DVDs. In addition to data encryption, PGP Mobile 9.10 now includes encryption for email and email attachments (both stored and in transit) on Windows Mobile smartphones, extending PGP Corporation’s multi-platform support.

Key features and benefits of PGP Portable

  • One-click encryption: PGP Portable converts removable devices and media into containers of encrypted data with a single click.
  • Access and modify encrypted data without installing software: when authorized users plug in a USB drive or CD/DVD secured with PGP Portable, they are prompted for a passphrase. Once authenticated, the user can access and modify data on these devices securely and the data remains encrypted on these devices. Users can share encrypted data with others that do not have PGP software on their system.
  • Native operating system user experience: Users access PGP Portable removable drives and media using the standard Windows or Mac OS X operating system file managers.
  • Extends data protection: PGP Portable is easily added to PGP Corporation’s centrally managed full disk encryption, network file sharing and desktop email protection applications.

Key benefits and features of PGP Mobile

  • Automatic email encryption and protection: send and receive encrypted emails and attachments directly with Windows Mobile smartphones.
  • Easy set-up and deployment: automatic protection of email and file data with few changes to the user experience; reduce administrator set-up time and speed deployment with over-the-air deployment and integrated provisioning.
  • Enforced security policies: centralised deployment and management of policies, users and keys using PGP Universal Server that is easy to complement using PGP Desktop Email for complete, end-to-end email encryption. Integrates with Windows Domain Authentication and Active Directory to control provisioning and key management.
  • Comprehensive data protection self-decrypting archives enable information sharing with recipients who lack encryption software. PGP Mobile also includes PGP Virtual Disk, PGP Zip and PGP Shredder.

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