One-credential system for physical access control

CertiPath introduced architecture and operational systems for federated physical access control (PACS), leveraging high-assurance credentials. The concept demonstrates the viability and effectiveness of a single-credential system that can provide secure access for both physical and logical assets, and provide interoperability for customers.

CertiPath’s converged architecture eliminates the need to physically issue visitor passes and allows certainty that each visitor is still employed and in good standing with their employer. The system extends the proven value of PKI-based security systems for managing and assuring logical access control to the challenges of managing and assuring physical access control.

The architecture conforms to the principles of NIST SP 800-116 and delivers advanced identity and access control at the lowest total cost by:

  • Leveraging PIV, PIV-I , and Dept. of Defense CAC credentials issued by any valid issuer, as well as TWIC (Transportation Workers Identity Credentials)
  • Utilizing FIPS 201-certified (or in process) components
  • Allowing customers to upgrade PACS without replacing existing systems
  • Leveraging commercially available products to minimize custom solutions that are expensive to maintain
  • Leveraging the U.S. Federal Bridge to validate inter-agency trust
  • Delivering cost effective options to operate at one or multiple assurance levels (e.g., ‘controlled’ areas card-auth only).

The result – the first commercially available integrated platform that manages visitors’ physical and logical access via their own organization’s issued credentials – was installed and is in production at Exostar and their 40,000 supply chain partners.

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